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27/05/2019 - 29/05/2019

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ENGIE, Tour T1 – 1 place Samuel de Champlain, Faubourg de l’Arche la Défense, 92930, Paris la Defense – France, Paris

More than ever, climate changes urge us to take actions. The maritime industry is conscious today of its responsibility. Each industry, each activity had its part in climate change, but looking backward will not help building the future. Our responsibility today is to change course towards sustainable activities and our sector offers an ocean of possibilities. Renewable energy from the  oceans can be applied in nearly all countries, in the form of floating wind turbines, tidal current and wave energy, floating solar or thermal energy. Hydrogen or other smart energy carriers can provide an answer for local storage and distribution, but also for zero emission shipping in combination with electric engine. Smart use of natural resources such as sun, wind or waves, can propel our ships as well, in a modern and efficient way! We still have much to do to design and improve the systems, adapt the infrastructures, gain in efficiency and profitability. We must also make this effort visible, dare to share responsibilities, risks and investment. This new voyage is necessary and will worth the effort. The destination we are aiming for is zero emission ocean energy & maritime transport, new sustainable activities at sea, keeping being inspired by the wonder of nature and protect it.


OCEAN ENERGY SEMINAR: Sustainable energy, biomass and protein demand will rise at a tremendous pace. The Ocean gives us the opportunity to tackle this challenge. The Ocean energy seminar will cover the renewable offshore energy and aquaculture assets, as well as the energy storage and distribution. Floating wind, floating solar, waves and tidal energy devices, innovative aquaculture concepts on fish farms and seaweed will be presented. 


BLUE LIFE SEMINAR: Since the ocean space is limited,  synergy between several activities is needed. The ocean space will be exposed to multi-use and collocation of offshore assets. Multi-use of ocean space comprises many aspects of which safety, ecology, sustainability and co-existence of operations in the same ocean space are the key aspects in this seminar. In this session several multi-use concepts are demonstrated and particularly the wide variety of fields associated to multi-use applications are reflected in this seminar.

NATURAL SOLUTION SEMINAR: This session deals with Biomimetic or “Solutions from Nature”. It intends to have a broad scope this year: from innovative bio-inspired propulsion solutions for under water robots to micro structure, penguin like, aircoating techniques or biological batteries. We aim for a mix of contributions from academia and commercial institutions to set the innovations of the future.


NATURAL PROPULSION SEMINAR: The Natural Propulsion seminar will showcase projects and research that use natural resources for the propulsion of ships. Traditionally, there is a strong representation of projects on wind assisted ship propulsion, but it will also include potentially wave and solar energy among others.

ZERO EMISSION SHIPPING SEMINAR: For the first year, the BlueWeek will host several presentations on zero emission vessels or zero emission technology for propulsion. Such theme will become integral part of our programme for the 2020 edition, as it is ultimately the goal we need to reach.

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